European Vigilance Network for the Management of Antiviral Drug Resistance

2004 - 2008

Mots-clés : Santé publique, Antiviraux, Résistance, Grippe

mise à jour : 14 août 2013

VIRGIL (for Vigilance against Viral Resistance) is the first European surveillance network capable of addressing current and emerging antiviral drugs resistance developments in the field of influenza and viral hepatitis. Coordinated by Inserm (the French Institute for Health and Medical Research) and supported by a grant from the Priority 1 Life Sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for Health programme in the Sixth Framework Programme of the EU, the network's activities started in May 2004 with the initial task of integrating the fragmented European capacities and major expertise in the field into a single coherent Network of Excellence. VIRGIL initially gathers 60 organisations, including more than 60 academic laboratories and seven companies from 14 European countries and beyond.

VIRGIL is structured into seven integrated platforms centred on the patients with each focusing on a topic contributing towards the project objectives, from surveillance of resistant viruses in Europe, innovation in diagnostic tools, analysis of the virological mechanisms of antiviral treatment efficacy and resistance development and pharmacology to studies on host (patient-related) factors and the socio-economic impact of antiviral drug resistance. VIRGIL benefits from a central management unit that offers industrial partners a single contact point as well as integrated services for conducting large-scale European clinical trials. Finally, the network is also committed to training students and researchers within and outside of the participating organisations and to spreading VIRGIL's practices of excellence and the resulting knowledge throughout the medical community and the general population.

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Pr Fabien ZOULIM, Inserm U271, responsable scientifique
Jérome WEINBACH, Inserm Transfert, coordinateur du projet


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